• LaCasa Sevilla

More than a Language School!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

These days, more and more people are traveling alone, leaving their jobs or spending their vacations exploring the world. One of the most popular travel destinations recently is Seville. A city which many tourists are attracted to for its culture, food and language.

In this sense, most of LaCasa Sevilla’s students are solo travelers, who want to discover the city and experience it like a local. They are interested in learning the language, either because they have studied it in their country of origin or because they have started recently.

And of course, as we all know, in Seville there are seemingly hundreds of language schools that offer to teach Spanish to foreigners. It seems that it is very easy to learn, but it is not done in the same way everywhere or with the same passion.

So, why choose LaCasa Sevilla? What does it offer that is different? The answer is very easy. It offers a unique experience while learning Spanish. A totally new concept of putting yourself in the shoes of a Sevillano.

Behind LaCasa Sevilla is Cristina Expósito, founder of the company and Spanish teacher for foreigners, who is both highly-qualified and experienced. A Sevillana herself, she is in love with her city and happy meeting people from different countries. In Cristina, you will not only find the professionalism and enthusiasm that characterize her, but you will have a person of confidence in the city, someone to trust, to rely on at any time. In short, you have a new Sevillana friend.

Learning Spanish does not need to be about following a course book or reciting grammar rules. When you land in Seville, you will surely clash with the characteristic accent, the way of life, and the unique style of Sevillanos. That's why LaCasa Sevilla is ideal for your stay in the city. Not only will you learn Spanish, but you will be able to communicate in the language with locals, feel part of the city, and share your culture.

You want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are waiting to make your stay in the city an unforgettable experience!