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LaCasa Sevilla in the news!

A couple of months ago, an English journalist based in Granada heard about LaCasa Sevilla and immediately he asked to his boss if he could write about it. So he did!

He travelled from Granada to Seville to meet Cristina in person and interviewed her. Last Tuesday, the 18th of September, he had an appointment with Cristina, the founder of LaCasa Sevilla and the day after, he wrote the article for the newspaper Sur in English (Andalusia's English-language newspaper), where the LaCasa Sevilla article was published, and an online travel and culture magazine called The Culture Trip.

From the left Mark, the journalist, Min, the student and Cristina, the teacher

The writer, Mark Nayler, studied Philosophy at King's College, University of London, and he spent 10 years studying and working in London. He confessed that, after some time, he was tired of it. So, 3 and a half years ago, at the age of 31, he packed his bags and left for Granada, where he had a good Spanish friend. Since then, he’s only been back to the UK once!

He fell in love with Andalucía and works as a freelance journalist. All his writing is focused on Andalusian culture and Spanish politics. He also writes for the UK's Spectator magazine on Spanish politics.

Recently, he won the Costa del Sol Press Club's 2018 "Communicator of the Year" prize, for three cultural features that were published in Sur in English during 2017.

Nayler was fascinated by the method offered to learn Spanish with LaCasa Sevilla. "This morning I felt lucky to be a journalist" he said. His Spanish was already good but he discovered a new way to learn the language. No classroom needed. Fun guaranteed. Also, he took videos and pictures for our student Min, who was delighted with the whole experience. She ordered fruit in Spanish and she got some presents, like saffron, to bring home to South Korea.

Thank you to Sur in English and Mark Nayler for the opportunity!

Check out the article here.