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How to shop like a local in Seville

Cristina shows off the variety of fruit and vegetables available at the market

Seville is a city that keeps its traditions. Proof of this is the Triana market. Not only is it a exploration of our senses, but a perfect place to learn Spanish in Seville. A place to put into practice the local language and experience the culture behind a local food market.

The market stalls have been run by local families for many years. We can see fresh fish, meat, pulses, fruit and vegetables. The market changes adapting to the times, but keeps the essence of tradition. Located across the Guadalquivir river in the Triana neighbourhood, the market sits on top of Castillo de San Jorge, known for being the seat of the inquisition in Seville. The market was first installed in this location in 1823 and received an extensive modernization in the 90s to be reopened in 2001. The market as we see it today is home to shops, cafés, restaurants and even a cookery school.

The mediterranean diet and ingredients shine through in spectacular tones of green, red and yellow. Meanwhile, some greengrocers bring hard-to-find delicacies from abroad to fill the gaps in their dazzling array of offerings. As you wind your way through the aisles, local options like olives and ham are easy to be found. Fish and seafood from the nearby coast overflows from the fishmongers, who, if you know how to ask for it, will prepare your purchase in whatever way you like.

Exploring a local market can be one of the best ways to see how locals live their daily lives. But how many times have you been to a market in a foreign country and had to get by with pointing? Or perhaps leaving with nothing because you didn't have the courage to get the seller's attention and ask for what you wanted. With LaCasa Sevilla and the En el mercado experience you'll learn how to buy local products, what to say, what the sellers will ask you and how to answer. You'll test your learning on the spot, with local people, in the market itself. So what are you waiting for?

En el mercado lasts 2 hours and is offered weekly by LaCasa Sevilla. It's a ideal experience for individuals and groups of up to 10. After experiencing the market and practising your Spanish, at the end of the experience we will taste local wines and olives.

Price per person: 38€ (food and drink included) book now

Find out more about Triana Market: www.mercadodetrianasevilla.com