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Coming to Seville?

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Do you want to make the most of your stay in the city? Do you want to speak Spanish with a native? Have you studied the language for years and now you don’t know how to communicate?

Don’t worry! LaCasa Sevilla has the perfect solution for you. My name’s Cristina, I’m a Spanish teacher and owner of LaCasa Sevilla, which offers a new and different idea of ​​learning Spanish in real communicative situations. We’ve broken away from the traditional idea of ​​school and in this way Seville becomes not only a holiday destination, but the city that will provide you with a fun learning experience through communicative classes and experiences in Spanish.

Are you interested in learning from a qualified and experienced teacher how Sevillanos live and think? Do you get bored sitting in a class and learning Spanish with a book? Do you want to take advantage of your time in Seville, discovering the city, its culture, at the same time learning Spanish? If what you are looking for is practical language and communication with locals, LaCasa Sevilla is what you need.

We offer experiences and personalized classes in Spanish where you will learn the language you need and use during your time in Seville. One of your greatest benefits is that you will feel comfortable and safe quickly. Speaking Spanish will be easy and fun.

You will see results immediately and that’s not me saying so, our students say so. You can see the testimonials that appear on our website. For them to learn a language is not sitting for hours in a class, they have explored the city, experienced the culture and spoken the language.

Marshall, California: “I'm traveling the world solo for five months and I wish I could have done a similar experience in all of the places I've been so far. Cristina is an excellent teacher and I learned how to introduce myself a few different ways, explain that I'm travelling, how to talk to bartenders and waiters at a restaurant, and even a few local colloquialisms. We worked on a few conversations in the coffee shop and then went out into the town to put everything into practice. Since taking the class I have used my new Spanish skills at bars and restaurants and been able to meet new people. I feel much more comfortable in the city with my new Spanish language skills”.

I want you to feel prepared and confident with the tools and knowledge necessary to communicate in Spanish in my city. And I want to make your trip to Seville unforgettable.

Send us an email to contact@lacasasevilla.com and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you exactly what you need to learn. Everything will be planned and designed exclusively for you.

We can’t wait to meet you in Seville!