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Coming from Australia to experience LaCasa Sevilla

Last May, in collaboration with the blog Travel around Spain we offered the chance to win a cultural language experience in Seville with LaCasa Sevilla to enjoy within one year for two people. So, five months later, we were lucky enough to meet the winner in person in Seville, have fun and learn Spanish with a Survival Spanish experience.

The blogger and profesional international worker Nur-Irdah just came from Australia to Seville to enjoy the city and have fun with this experience. For her and her friend Laura, was the first time in the city. The morning after they arrived, on Tuesday 2nd October they met Cristina, the owner of LaCasa Sevilla, in a lovely cosy coffee shop in the centre of the city.

They came with desire and emotion to discover Seville and practise Spanish with local people. While they were having a cappuccino, they learned a lot about cultural and typical things of Seville. One interesting thing was when Cristina spoke to them about the crazy schedules we have in Spain comparing to another countries and the importance of "la merienda", an eating time at mid-afternoon which helps keep your energy up until the late dinners Spaniards have.

As we can see in the picture, Nur and Laura were enjoying learning Spanish in a communicative environment, asking questions, learning how to order in a restaurant and how to express their opinions about the city. They both had basic knowledge of the language but full of motivation to learn.

We are not only talking about learning Spanish. LaCasa Sevilla creates a familiar and relaxing environment where you immediately can feel comfortable enough to speak about you, your life and tell Cristina happy news like you are pregnant! That's the same for Cristina, she feels so happy that her students become her friends and they can feel free to ask her for any help they need while they are in Seville.

After one hour in the coffee shop, they went out to explore the city. The centre of Seville was full of tourists. We can notice that in the line to enter the Alcázar palace. That's crazy sometimes. They put the attention in feeling the city, exploring the area and trying to communicate in Spanish.

Nur and Laura weren't shy to speak. When you learn a language you have to treat it like a game and have fun! So they did!

In the Santa Cruz neighboured, they sat down under orange trees "naranjos" and spoke about descriptions with grammar and adjectives. Also, they learnt about giving directions. "¿Dónde está la catedral?", for example.

In such an iconic place full of tourists people walking around and taking pictures, you can find your own spot to learn the language and culture you need to use in the city. Nur and Laura did just that and from that moment they can feel confident to speak to locals and take the advantage of the language in real situations.

It was a pleasure to meet you. Enjoy the rest of your trip. You both are welcome any time in Sevilla!

And you, are you thinking on coming to Seville? Do you want to do a Survival Spanish experience like Nur? Don't hesitate to ask us anything you need. LaCasa Sevilla would be very happy to show you to this wonderful city.