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7 of Seville's best tapas that you absolutely must try

Spanish gastronomy is famous throughout the world. Wherever you go in Spain, you can find amazing food, from paella in Valencia to pulpo a la gallega in Galicia. The south of Spain is no different. One of the things which makes Spanish cuisine unique is how much it changes from region to region, even from city to city.

Are you travelling to Seville? Here are some of Seville's best tapas, which you won't find or just won't be the same in other parts of Spain.

1. Solomillo al whisky

Pork is the meat of choice for Spaniards,especially in the south. With the E.U. protected Iberian pork region just a few kilometres to the north, it's no surprise that Sevillanos take their pork seriously. Made with whisky and garlic, the sauce that covers the medallions of pork tenderloin is what makes this an incredibly popular choice throughout the city.

2. Espinacas con garbanzos

Vegetarian is still a new concept in Spain. Even salads will come with a sprinkling of tuna or ham just in case you weren't sure about your vegetarianism. But don't worry, this spinach and chick pea dish won't disappoint your craving for something green.

3. Montadito de pringá

The star of home-cooked food in Seville is puchero (also known as cocido), a slow cooked stew of different cuts of meat and seasonal veggies. Pringá is that delicious slow cooked meat removed from the stew and prepared akin to pulled pork. Don't leave Seville without trying pringá in a montadito (small sandwich). The best in Seville can be found at Bodeguita Romero, which LaCasa Sevilla often visits for the "de tapas" experience.

4. Carrillada

The best way to know if you've discovered a good tapas bar in Seville is by the quality of their carrillada. This dish of slow cooked pork cheeks in a wine based sauce is melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Just make sure you save some bread to soak up all the leftover sauce.

5. Papas aliñadas

If you're in the mood for a cold dish, you can't go wrong with this fresh potato salad. Sweet onion, parsley, tuna and quality olive oil are what make this dish shine. Whether you're in rush, or just want something to snack on with a glass of vino tinto, papas aliñás is a good choice.

6. Cola de toro

Bulls are a big thing in Andalusia. Controversy aside, this ox tail dish is a cousin to carrillada in style, making it a classic in Seville and the surrounding region. Depending on the bar, you can find it complete with bones, separated carefully or thrown into croquetas. You might see it listed on the menu as rabo de toro, but no matter what it's called, this dish is sure to stimulate your taste buds.

7. Serranito

Ok, so it's not a tapa, but a list of Seville's best wouldn't be complete without the locally renowned serranito. It's quite simply a sandwich with chicken or pork loin plus ham and fried green pepper. Some restaurants will add to that with tomato, egg or different sauces. Get some alioli to go with it for the best experience. Every combination is worth a try as long as you're hungry.

Do you love tapas? Have you tried all of these local dishes? Discover more about food in Seville and learn how to get by in a restaurant with the "de tapas" experience from LaCasa Sevilla. Learn more.