Our team at LaCasa Sevilla has over 10 years of experience teaching languages. We believe that learning languages helps to open our minds and understand the world. When you study with LaCasa Sevilla, our team works directly with you to provide a language learning experience that's just for you.


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Our experiences and classes are individually planned and delivered based on your needs and desires. When you book with LaCasa Sevilla, we ask about your interests and learning history. Using this information, our teachers can plan and give you exactly what you are looking for. We focus on flexibility and personalization so you get exactly what you need.


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About US

The idea behind LaCasa Sevilla is that people can come to our beautiful city of Seville, Spain and learn Spanish while enjoying the experience of being immersed in both the culture and the language. We teach you Spanish that you can use while you are here.


Seville is your classroom. Instead of going to a generic language school with a group of people you don't know, your teacher comes to your house, you meet in one of Seville's many cafés or you take a stroll around the city and learn the Spanish that you need on the street. You get all the benefits of a private teacher while experiencing Seville in your way. Why spend all your time in a classroom with a teacher who can't consider your personal needs?


Our mission is to create the perfect experience for anyone who wants to enjoy Seville and Spain at its best.


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What do Our Students say?

What a wonderful experience. For a true beginner, Cristina immediately put me at ease, was patient and attentive and tailored the lesson to my interests.

- Cheryl from Canada on Airbnb

My wife and I have been visiting Seville for a while. We have taken standard classes at a language school. But we found what LaCasa offers is much more useful, at least for our level of Spanish.

- Simon from USA on TripAdvisor

Although complete beginners in Spanish we managed to learn some key words and phrases that helped us for the week that we were in Spain and it felt great!

- Steph from UK on Airbnb

Je recommande à 100% l'expérience.

- Fanny from France on TripAdvisor

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

- Dave from USA on Airbnb

Recomendo muitíssimo a experiência! A Cristina é uma excelente professora e guia cultural.

- Vanderlei from Brazil on Airbnb

This experience exceeded my expectations. My time with Cristina was interesting, informative and a lot of fun. She took the time to personalise my lesson, so I learnt what I needed to know.

- Laura from Australia on Airbnb

Cristina is a patient and warm teacher! I have totally no Spanish learning experience, so she started from the very beginning. Also we walked around in the old town and she told me some interesting stories about this area. A really great experience!

- Danlin from China on Airbnb

I wish I could have an experience like this everywhere I've travelled. I don't speak much Spanish but by the end if this experience I was able to kick off a conversation, explain what I was doing in town, comfortably order food and deal with the wait staff at a restaurant. Cristina is such a patient and helpful teacher. Don't miss this experience.

- Marshall from USA on TripAdvisor

Our Team

Cristina - Founder and Spanish Teacher

I have been working as a Spanish teacher in Seville and Madrid since 2010. Other than teaching, I love discovering new things about my city. For me, LaCasa Sevilla is a personal project that allows me to be in touch with each student and show them how to fall in love with the Spanish language and way of life.

Maribel - Spanish Teacher

I love teaching Spanish and discovering new cultures, especially new people with different interests. I did a Master in teaching Spanish and I have just finished my studies in educational coaching. I've been teaching Spanish for over 10 years and discovering different nationalities, ages, profiles and styles of learning. I love going out for tapas, showing students my city and speaking about my culture.

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Sarah Gemba - Managing Director - Spain Savvy

Need help planning your trip to Seville?  LaCasa Sevilla is pleased to collaborate with Spain Savvy, a boutique travel consulting firm based in Seville. Spain Savvy is a full-service fully-licensed Spanish travel agency owned and operated by an American expat, Sarah Gemba, who has been living in Spain for 15 years and has extensive experience organizing travel programs for Americans visiting Spain and other countries in Europe, as well as Morocco. For more information, please check out the website and follow the Facebook page or Instagram @spainsavvy_sarah.


LaCasa students are welcome to contact Spain Savvy for assistance with any personal travel arrangements, enjoying special discounts.

Eva Izquierdo - Flamenco Teacher

I love flamenco and Triana, the "barrio sevillano" where I was born and I am pleased to share my passions with you. I believe it would be good for everybody to know that I start all my workshops and classes from zero, especially flamenco lessons. Learning from zero, as an adult, flamenco is really hard, so I adjust my classes to my pupils skills. www.ishowusevilla.com

Yi Shi - Overseas Marketing Operator

Yi is in love with Seville, the Spanish language and its culture. For this reason, she strongly believes in the concept of providing personalized, high quality classes and she wants to bring this opportunity to Chinese people who are planning on coming to Seville. LaCasa Sevilla is the perfect combination of culture and language for Chinese student to make the most out their time in Seville and enjoy every aspect of the city. She will help you find the perfect course and design it especially for you.

Mitsuru Ogama - Collaborating agent in Japan

Mitsuru is a Japanese teacher. He worked in Columbia teaching his language for three and a half years. It was then that he fell in love with the Spanish language and culture. In addition to teaching, he has been a Spanish student for five years. He firmly believes in the teaching-learning method offered by LaCasa Sevilla, focused on real situations and conversations. It offers prospective Japanese students interested in travelling to Seville, the opportunity to learn Spanish in a unique way. He will help you plan your course and make your stay in Seville unforgettable.

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What is LaCasa Sevilla?

LaCasa Sevilla is a new concept that emerged from the idea of offering students studying Spanish a different way to learn a language. You learn in a linguistic and cultural immersion environment. Learning and fun go hand in hand. You will have an unforgettable experience designed exclusively for you.

How is LaCasa Sevilla different from a language school?

At LaCasa Sevilla, we have broken the traditional concept of a language school. We start from the idea that sometimes studying in a classroom isn't always the best way to guarantee success. We offer the same professionalism and quality in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, but in a more comfortable environment.

Do I need to know a lot of Spanish before I study with LaCasa Sevilla?

There isn't a minimum required level of Spanish to study with us. Our courses are designed according to your profile and your learning needs. Our teachers adapt to you in every moment. You will quickly see the results in your progress. You are the one who controls the pace of your learning so that you get the most out of your stay in Seville.

What experience do the teachers have at LaCasa Sevilla?

The teachers at LaCasa Sevilla are native Spanish speakers who are passionate about teaching their mother tongue. They are qualified in teaching Spanish as a second language. They have years of experience teaching students of different nationalities and levels in a professional setting. Their teaching method is based in communication so that their students are able to use the language in real situations. The teachers put all their effort into each course so that their students leave Seville with the peace of mind that they have improved their Spanish.

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